unlike traditional screenprinting, you can order
just one, three, a dozen, or hundreds.


of course, as the quantity goes up,
the price goes down!

Please check out this organization.
Ataxia is a progressive neuro-
degenerative condition somewhat like
Parkinson's or MS. It affects 150,000
Americans, robbing people of the ability
 to walk, speak, write, and function from
day to day. Life in a wheelchair, and
sometimes shortened life from
complications is inevitable. Please
visit our
to see how you can get involved and
make a difference.
Thank you.

No minimum applies  to
white shirts

We also do sweatshirts/hoodies, polos, long sleeve tees, sleeveless tees, tank tops, and can do breast or sleeve prints for uniforms.
Security, fund raisers, any event, walkathons,
family and class reunions, picnics, sports uniforms, work uniforms, school functions, clubs, teams, organizations, etc.....